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In “Dr.Chesterfield,” you’ll embark on a thrilling journey across different dimensions. Follow the journey of an independent scientist. He explores the intelligence of nature by creating new substances in his homemade lab. He tries to open up parts of the brain to access higher dimensions. He tries to bend time and space with only his mind as a tool, but he accidentally gets access to the universe’s black box: where everything that has happened is stored. The new substance gives him superpowers and brings the US military’s attention, and the hunt for Dr.Chesterfield begins.

As a supporter of “Dr.Chesterfield,” you’ll help us bring this incredible adventure to life and receive some fantastic rewards for your generosity. Watch our 27-minute-long pilot episode, and if you want to see the feature film then make sure to support our Kickstarter campaign. Support us by pledging a support package suitable for you. The support package can include early access to the film, exclusive digital and physical merchandise, and even the chance to have your character included in the movie! So what are you waiting for? Join us on this incredible journey and help us bring “Dr.Chesterfield” to life.
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Sweden's first english-speaking sci-fi comedy film: totally produced in Sweden's most boring city, Eslöv.

Our team of enthusiastic independent filmmakers is committed to creating the most extraordinary and
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We are a group of passionate and talented filmmakers who have come together to create cinematic masterpieces that push the boundaries of traditional storytelling.
The core of our team spirit is a commitment to collaboration and experimentation. We believe that the best films result from a collective effort, with each member contributing their unique perspective and expertise.
One of the key features that set us apart from other film collectives is our focus on experimentation. We are not content to replicate the same tired formulas and tropes that have been used in countless films before. Instead, we constantly push ourselves to explore new ways of telling stories and experimenting with different cinematic techniques. This willingness to take risks and try new things makes our collective unique.

Film and filmmaking are so much more for us than merely their entertainment value, although it’s very appreciated; having that said, We look at film as a gateway to other dimensions, as a reflection of something never seen or thought of before, as something of a frontier for new things and ideas. Film has the potential to create or capture the spirit of anything, like a character, idea, situation, or even the spirit of a whole constructed world. The fictional part of the film can be a reflection of reality in most cases, which is very appealing for us since it applies a massive room for creative thinking and making. We are very passionate and driven, and we believe that it is worth something to care for.

We have been working non-stop for the last few months, and we have pulled off the script’s first act as a teaser for you all to see. Due to the circumstances and the budget, We couldn’t be more proud of all the dedicated and helpful people who have supported us in creating something this ambitious in our small city. 


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Hi folks. My name is Kamiran Ahmad, and I’m the CEO and founder of Laz Film AB. We are a small independent film team located in Sweden’s most boring city, Eslöv. My team and I had always been fans of sci-fi and comedy movies. But living in Eslöv, we felt frustrated by the lack of opportunities to create English-speaking films in Sweden. One day, I had an idea: why not create Sweden’s first English-speaking sci-fi comedy film, and produce it entirely in Eslöv?

Coming from a First Assistant Director background, I knew how hard it was to pull off a movie, but I was determined to make it happen. I assembled a team of highly skilled individuals who shared my vision, and we began working on the film with nothing but our own money, heart, and soul.
We spent months crafting the movie’s first act as a teaser to showcase our project to the world. We have poured everything into creating this 27-minute-long pilot episode, and we hope our dedication, passion, and love for storytelling show in the quality of the teaser. Our plan is simple: If you like what you see, you can start supporting us by pledging a support package suitable for you on our Kickstarter campaign. In this way, you are supporting independent filmmaking, and we can achieve our dream and create Sweden’s first English-speaking sci-fi comedy film totally produced in our small city, Eslöv. So sign up for our newsletter and stay up-to-date on all the latest news.

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If you appreciate our art and want to see more of Dr.Chesterfield, please make sure to support us. We would appreciate it if you helped us spread the word about our ambitious film project so we can write film history together. Watch our 27-minute-long pilot episode, and if you want to see the feature film:  Make sure that you support us by pledging a support package suitable for you on our Kickstarter campaign.

The support package can include early access to the film, signed copies of the script, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, digital and physical merchandise, and even the chance for you to be an extra in the film yourself. All this and more will be available on our Kickstarter campaign. So be excited and stay tuned.

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