Behind the scenes


Special Thanks

to all the amazing people who helped us.

We want to thank all the talented people who helped us create this fantastic pilot. Artists with different backgrounds collaborated and contributed their time and skills to create stunning artwork for our 27-minute-long pilot.
A special thanks to our graffiti artists whose work has given our pilot a unique and dynamic character, and we are incredibly grateful for their contributions. These artists came from all over Skåne, Sweden, and invested countless hours into bringing our vision to life. We also want to thank our makeup artist and all-around player Christoffer a.k.a Loppiskungen, for their help and support. It’s impossible to mention all the people who have contributed in one way or another to support our vision, but you all know who you are: so thank you all for supporting and helping us to create a pilot that truly stands out. We appreciate your dedication, hard work, and talent and look forward to showcasing your work to the world.
Once again, thank you all.

Adem Cacko Ali


Marcus Lawett

Henrietta Kozica

John Rönnerblad

Marcel schlyter



Elin Aronsson


Anders Martinsson


Kimmo Svensson


Christoffer Nilsson


Anel Bronja